The Valentine’s Playlist AKA February’s one


It is a fact, I am my mother’s daughter. Growing up my whole life there was always certain level of mental around the holidays. Easter and Christmas were an affair to be remembered and visiting Harrods near Christmas on a family vacation probably wasn’t a coincidence. So it’s really no surprise that I am all over Valentine’s day like a cheap suit.

In my quest for each and everyone of you to:

  • properly celebrate love heart shaped eyes with your special someone
  • get a sense of hope that you maybe won’t be single forever
  • or at the very least – feel loved, by me <3

I have put together a playlist. It is full of songs that represent that funny little thing called liking someone more than usual AKA love. It’s scary, lovely, somehow slightly uncomfortable but also kind of magical.

The running order is as follows:

AnthemsUp In Mine
SLK MusicBe (Prod. Embody)
Chet FakerTalk is Cheap
Edward NewgateThe Great Ashby
How to Dress Well& It Was You
LåpsleyPainter (valentine)
Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn remix)
Sway Clarke III Don’t Need Much
Julia Spada – Reptile Mission
Pandr EyezHeartbreaker
Black AtlassBlossum
Mannequins on 7th streetOut of Sight

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