VALENTINE’S GIVEAWAY: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin


Valentines day is fast approaching, and if you are at where I am – you probably have nothing organised and are either shitting yourself, or couldn’t give a fuck (in either case, this giveaway is for you).

Perhaps we shouldn’t glorify the holiday made for Hallmark moments to line some executives pockets (I obviously get tonnes of dudes with this attitude) – but I have to admit there is something nice about letting someone know you love them, on the day you are supposed to.

After we holiday’ed in our own city and took to the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, we thought it would be the best idea to give it back, to one of you. So we are gifting someone a nights stay – just in case this is not clear, IS IT CLEAR ?!  And here’s a bit of a recap as to why you should want to stay at Bikini Berlin, yesterday.

  • The design makes you feel glamorous but unafraid to break things.
  • You’re staying at Bikini Berlin? You get access to free MINI and bike rental. That’s right, nobody’s fucking around in the west.
  • There are these epic hammocks on the main floor for lounging, any hour of the day it’s like being in an urban jungle.
  • Brunch is next level lecker and endless. Can someone say GERMAN BUFFET !
  • The top floor has a super sexy bar with dim lighting and that wonderful leather/ wood vibe. If you don’t meet dudes at Monkey Bar (and get up to some form of monkey business) you won’t meet them anywhere/ there is probably no hope for you.
  • Adjacent to the bar – dinner at Neni. Which was just like everything else – aspirational.

Entering is dead easy. Head to the Facebook page, and give us your email through the Facebook app. It’s really not hard – this hotel is wonderful – Berlin is an exciting city. WHAT’S NOT TO GET LOVE HEART EYES FOR ?!

You have until February 17th, midday.


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