I’m going on vacay. This is exciting. This is good. I feel like I haven’t been on a vacation/ holiday in a very long time. Which is not entirely true, as I was in Australia in April, but I hardly call that a vacay.. I mean I was getting my visa.. That is not a vacay, that’s business time.

But tonight I am off to Austin City Limits for the weekend.. Then straight onto Cabo where I am going to lie by my very own pool, drink cocktails at 11A, and maybe scale a few waterfalls.

The great thing about holidays (America read: vacations), especially warm ones, is that you just live in bikinis and shorts for as long as you are there.. I mean, I will literally be in a singlet tops and bikini bottoms for 10 days straight. LITERALLY! I am so excited as I sit here in my stockings with shorts, silk shirt and cardy – I almost just want to turn the heating up and call it no pants Thursday!

As excited as I get by this all – to be honest I must admit I’m not the best vacay’er.. Mainly because I’m a shocking packer.. I just never know what to take.. So I take everything. Last night I packed my bag drunk, and exhausted.. So I feel like there could be all sorts of fun suprises in there, that will either bring me joy – or endless amounts of WTF LJ moments.

Anwyay – as I am going on vacay, that means posts will be few and far between. I am going to work on scheduling them out – and then release slowly so you don’t forget about me.. For the better part of my trip, the phone will be going off – the books will be coming out – and the alcohol will be endless.

I’ll miss you, don’t forget about me.. especially not on my birthday – 23rd of September, calendar that SHIT.


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