I really have no idea where Monument Valley is in the big scheme of things – as at this stage you are crossing in and out of Arizona to UT like it’s nobodies business. In and around this area of Utah/ Arizona is some hectically beautiful scenery – so as much as it’s no-mans-land – it’s a landscape that can’t really be ignored.

I really hadn’t heard of Monument Valley – and it wasn’t at all on my to do list of America. But that’s not really a thing as pretty much the only spots I listed out to see and do on the way to Austin were Big Sur, LA, Palm Desert, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Austin.. #whomp.



The View – This hotel is literally on the valley floor; one is much cheaper and the other (the View) is probably $50 more expensive but well worth it. The one thing I learned to appreciate while traveling with a German – was a sunset/ sunrise – as it’s something that they can get around in a major way.

The beauty of this hotel is that you can literally open the curtains, turn your pillows to the foot end of the bed and watch the sunrise/ set like with zero effort. Every balcony in the complex faces the valley floor. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK IF FUCKING GLORIOUS NATURE !

** TIP: Make sure you wake up for the sunrise. I’ve never cared for a sunrise but this one is not-not-not to be missed.


Bring your own food. Not that you shouldn’t eat at their restaurants and stimulate their economy but the fact of the matter is the view from the hotel is pretty fucking marvelous. So pick up some cheese, some wine, some whatever tickles your fancy and have a picnic on your balcony.

** TIP: Remember Utah is a lot of a dry state. BRING YOUR OWN WINE !.. Or detox, what do I care – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


We really didn’t do this – the road is sort of hectic to drive on, and it takes hours. I’m frankly far too impatient. However – if you are patient, and don’t mind animals – you can horseback ride the valley floor, which – in hindsight – would have been pretty killer.


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