UNKWON – marry me?


Rough Days For Diamond TradeOK – so I tell you what I’m loving? A clever remix. And nothing is about as clever as UNKWON’s remix of Rough Days for Diamond Trade’s Somehow. I frankly still can’t get over how long old mates name is – when is someone going to obnoxiously shorten that?

UNKWON’s go at Somehow is doing all sorts of magic tricks to my indoors. I don’t know if it’s just that I feel sexier in the summer months – or if this track is all sorts of slinking in dark corners without very much effort, but I vibe it.

This September Traders (AKA Rough Days For Diamond Trade) is releasing an EP with only clever remixes of Somehow from esteemed producing machines. It’s going to get all sorts of disco in 5 tracks or less. And it really couldn’t come any sooner.

Roll on September 5, my birthday month – the best month of the year!



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