UGH – Babe of the Week: Elle MacPherson


And depression sets in. Well actually it set in yesterday, when I realised that Elle MacPherson is 48.. SHE IS 48..! Seriously? that’s a joke. I’m 27, and she looks better than I ever will. F*ck.

I often have a problem with young models – because I am all like – “Oh I am getting old, they were born in the 90’s. Unreasonable.”  But this is like the totally other end of the spectrum. Elle MacPherson, is on her HEAD good looking. She has had 2 prodigy children (also babes), put her name to all sorts of iconic shit – and really, just had a red hot go at life.

Could I have a red hot go at life – and just be as EPIC as Ms. Mac? I don’t even know if that is possible. For these reasons alone:

  1. You would never call me – The Body (honestly, I could end it all tomorrow, if someone just called me that once – by accident).
  2. I can’t rock a scuba mask with sass.
  3. Wearing less than a bathing suit, totally have eye sex with a camera and not looking like a whore – not sure I can pull it off, NAY – not sure I can do it at ALL. Let’s not kid ourselves!
  4. I will never start a movement that begins with “Super”
  5. I doubt that the Australian government will ever consider me such an assett that they will offer me the position of “unofficial” ambassador – although, I don’t think it would be the stupidest idea.
  6. No one will ever make a list as to why they would never be as good as me. On their blog…

You are a Goddess E.M. Worship/ adore, for life.



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