Twin Shadow equals major sex in a song or two


Mostly just play me the entire album, which I am happily streaming from 4AD (although not that happily because it’s MAD buggy) – and pop a fork in me, I’m done. Twin Shadow is the mate you want to swiftly jump on a motorbike with and give the finger to anyone watching.

That’s just exactly how these tunes are making me swoon. In the 1980’s, motorbike loving, levi’s wearing way. I want to go find myself some grubby version of a bikers jacket – wear it, and locate this guy to entertain me. That said – it could be any old person (femme OR homme) – who reps all the qualities listed above, while not being detrimental to my health slash well-being.. Too much to ask?

I need this person – right now. With my lack of German, my lack of (German) social understanding.. The general presences of a very large learning curb.. Dear Twin Shadow (or similar), would you please be my person, the one who is going to make me feel as spectacular and risky(!) as your songs.

sprechen Sie Englisch?? Get on my non-German speaking motorbike.


Meanwhile – this is actually released as of RIGHT NOW. 9th UK/ EU (I would assume) 10th USA. Get it. Buy it. Listen to it.


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