tumblr – is a joke of a blogging service.


I’m sorry – but everytime I try and look at friend’s tumblr blogs – that shit wigs out. Like, WIGS OUT. Which is muchos frustrating – because obvs. I like to stalk – and this hinders that activity.

Tumblr experiences down time every second day – now don’t get me wrong, I use it for our office blog (<<check it out) but that is because it’s easy to just cut/copy/paste – however, if I wanted to do anything remotely genius on it – can’t. (fullstop – end of story)

Gives me the fucking shits! I mean Jesus – you arsehole friends that have blogs on  Tumblr, stop. it’s terrible for SEO, you have very little control over the aesthetics of it all (unless you know what you are doing, but (to be honest) if you knew what you were doing – you wouldn’t use a fucking TUMBLR), AND it experiences downtime – ALL THE TIME.

I know that WordPress can be a nightmare at times – with finessing plugin’s etc. – but once it’s working.. IT WORKS..!

If you aren’t enough of an arsehole to have a blog – you decide to make it a tumblr..



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