TRAVEL: Århus like a local, in 48 hours or less.


Months ago (yes, I’m not very good at getting things out in a timely fashion) I went to Århus. And like any new city I go to, I tend to check in with locals who I know (if possible) to get a good tip on wassup/ what’s good. This city is lucky enough to be home to one of my prettiest, most talented friends – Asbjørn.

When Asbjørn isn’t flicking me his favourite things to do in his home town, he is practicing his most perfect surprised face in the mirror, searching for the toughest yet smoothest pair of overalls and/ or dancing – because the boys got moves and that’s gotta take some time to finesse.

So – we sat down (or emailed rather, because he’s was on tour and life was busy) and figured out our top things about the great Danish city of Århus. I’ve also included a nice little summary of the best Airbnb‘s in the area, so you are 100% covered for a cheeky weekend’er away.

Los geht’s the fuck outta here !

As a quiet side note, it appears Asbjørn is about to go on a big bad German/ Swiss style tour. Find out about that here and then hit the track below while you casual read all his top Aarhus picks, because the more you know !


AIRBNB | Lucy’s choice

SLEEP: Typically when I travel, I want to stay in an apartment. Call me a creature of habit, but I like to eat muesli for breakfast, I like to relax with a coffee on the couch, I like to have space to breath – and I don’t find that’s really possible with hotel livin’. My go to www. for all things home away from home holiday accommodation is Airbnb. I made a quick list before hitting Århus of my preferred destinations, based on price and location. Find those below, or a more in-depth look on my Airbnb Århus Wishlist.

  1. 84 sqm of design elegance – Big, stylish and in the center of Århus, it’s everything you would want in a flat and more. It fits up to 5, which is really quite a lot, bring a friend.
  2. 3 bedroom, 2 living room (!) – Are you less of a Nancy no mates and more of a Arthur ALL THE MATES. This place is for you. Sleeps up to 6 people and is in the center of Århus – BOOM, your weekend starts here.
  3. Bright and spacious for 4 – By god – what is it about Danes and their knack for making the living quarters stylish. Really – we all need to up our game. Again – spacious, central and visual delicious – for only 90€ a night.


VESTERLAUGET | Local (Asbjørn’s) choice

FOOD: My (Asbjørn) favorite hang-out/dinner place. Super cheap, only one thing on the menu each night, typically a traditional Danish dish with some kind of modern innovative twist. I always get a raspberry soda with whatever’s served.

STEFF’S PLACE | Lucy’s choice

FOOD: Denmark is expensive. Do you know what’s a little slice of heaven in and around the streets of Aarhus? Steff Hot Dogs. Get them with fried onions, sweet pickles and all the mustard. Shit’s delicious, easy to manage on the go, cheap as AND with vegetarian options.

Just a quiet tip on food in Århus – you need to eat early. Almost everywhere shuts by 9, so get to dinner by 6 if you don’t want to stress yourself out or eat at the tourist traps that stay open later for idiots like me (Lucy).


Photo thanks to PonyDanceClyde

ØRNEREDEN | Local (Asbjørn’s) choice

NATURE: Danish for “The eagles nest”. It’s an area a bit south of Aarhus with a lot of hills in a forest by the ocean and also super close to a cool medieval museum called Moesgård.


BOTANISK HAVE | Local (Asbjørn’s) choice

NATURE: “The Botanic Garden”. A lovely park in the center of Aarhus. Perfect for a date, Summer drinks or grill parties. Keeping things cheap AND delightful.

**Shout out to PonyDanceClyde for letting me borrow a couple of their photos, to Airbnb for being such a sport with accommodation and to Asbjørn for being perfect :-*


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