Tourist your face off, 14 days ago


Tourist Your Girl is about as dreamy as today can get, standard. The really sad thing about it all is that it feels like summer, which I understand the Europeans struggle with in early December. The fact that it could be summer at this time of the year blows the mind of these “we are Europe, obviously that is the center of the world” types.

Lemme me tell you something, Europe. Summer for Christmas is one of the greatest times of the year. Christmas is the time when you take holidays. It is the time when you get ample days off, without even thinking about it. Christmas is when you go shopping, for presents. Is this shit fun in the cold, wet, negative 3 conditions I am currently having to endure – no. Think about it. Do you sometimes wonder if you really have it backwards? And the country that you think is upside down – has it spot on. Like – crikey dingo, we’ve fucked it for the last 600 odd years..

Yeah. So when I think Tourist’s Your Girl sounds like summer in December – you can understand the waves of happy/ sadness, right? You can understand that sitting outside for Christmas lunch/ dinner eating seafood, drinking champagne and generally embracing life is something one can truly miss – am I right. Not a question.

This said – I’m sort of OK to miss a handful of sun swept summers when I’m this close to the rest of the world. Shit’s really far away from Australia.

Sorry Mum XX (I love you!)



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