Tough Love [DAY 1]


So yesterday I decided I would take a short break from Facebook. Which maybe doesnt seem like a big deal to y’all (like that, y’all..) but it is sort of a big deal for me.. I’m international right now – which means Facebook is sort of my main point of contact to my friends back home (or within the USA but not SF) so I feel somewhat lonely with out it!!!

Also it makes it terribly difficult to FB stalk.. Which is 100% the reason I have given it up, cold turkey.. It was sort of getting crazy, the stalking that is Lucy – like an outter body experience. And I was looking in going who are you, you lurky creeper.

Anyway – I am aiming to go without until Friday.. We are almost through Day 1.. And my starting notes on this are:

  1. that life is pretty boring not getting notifications of activity in my inbox (I turned off all notifications)
  2. waiting for the bus is totally boring (I deleted the app from my phone)
  3. activities I used to not have a problem with (waiting for the things being the major one), I now hold issue with

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