To the band – with the longest name on the planet


Ode to musicians with ambitious names. Yes – I am talking to you Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party.. Your epic name throws me for six every time.. And that is fine – because I like you. Although I think I have covered the importance of abbrevs. and I believe you should perhaps implement that, now (also because when I google imaged searched you, shit got weird.. like, really weird.)

So – I got sent some tracks by the lovely band – which I had genuinely neglected up until today.. Arsehole effort by me – I know. But you must consider I don’t get paid for this shit – so it happens on my time (rage – sorry)

Anyway, so I returned from SX – which I still have to finish posting about – I’M SORRY! – and had a quick listen. And I am fucking loving TLGLTP (even the abbrev. is hard!), the song I am loving the most is below. It makes me feel all sorts of giddy. And I am the girl that develops crushes on people from out of state just so that nothing real develops and it can remain in that giddy phase – FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE (commitment issues, I probably have them)

Anyway – have a listen to their shiz below – or check out their myspace!

YAYAYAYYAYA – Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party


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