TIPS FOR THE MALE SPECIES: Care about your sock-wear


I’ll tell you what is up.. Rad socks. This is not a brand, it is a movement for your feet. I believe gone are the days of white or black socks; get creative > add some flair to an otherwise boring outfit and wear sic socks.

I feel like the reason for doing this is that it’s a semi cheeky way of showing some style if you have to don a suit day in/ day out. But it is also a little surprise. This tip is for boys mostly. You see, girls notice things, we analyse EVERYTHING. SO – if we are chatting, and you cross you legs and I peek your socks, it’s going to make my heart flutter, just a little.

It could be what concentrating on your socks represents.. If you take the time to care about your socks, it really makes it feel like you have it under control. You are checking shit off. Life goal status, TICK! It represents having it together enough, to care for the details. Now – if you are only caring for the details and your life is actually a mess, this will show pretty quickly – and I will get over your ability to choose awesome socks. So, don’t use this as a fool tactic, girls aren’t retarded (some are, the ones you want to date probably aren’t) – we’ll figure out if you are trying to pull a fast one with the socks. For realz.

OK – so maybe I can’t explain the impact of cool socks, the above reason is semi rubbish really.. isn’t it? > but it does take you up in the stylish male scale – and frankly, a stylish male, makes most swoon.

Get babe-worthy; spend the cash, on the socks.


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