TIPPS: Lucy & Bron do Melt ! Festival 2014


This year, we’re off to Melt ! again. For those of you that don’t know, Melt ! (with the clever exclamation mark) is a 3 day festival just outside of Berlin. It’s right by a lake and an old power station, and has consistently had a pretty good line up of disco/ non-disco music to keep all the sorts equally as happy.

Are you going? Bron and I decided to put together our top 5 (each) for the weekend ahead (you’re welcome). Not going to Melt !? Well – you can still take a look, have a listen and get a little bit upsad that you are missing all the fun.

Our running order is as follows…


CHET FAKEREveryone loves it !

Don’t fuck around people – start your weekend of 30’C temperatures with something equally as sizzling. Chet fucking Faker. There are all the right vibes here to put us in good stead for the musical smorgasbord we have ahead of us. Hailing from Australia – it’d be rude not to get around a fellow countryman.

WHEN & WHERE? Main Stage, 19:30 – 20:30


One of the lures of heading to a big festival like Melt is the variety and chance to check out acts a little lesser known. For many (incl. us), Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri-Jeri probably fit that bill and we’re looking forward to getting straight into their. West African thang on arrival this first night. Wanna know what Mbalax sounds like? This is the one.

WHEN & WHERE? Friday – Desperados Melt! Selektor Stage, 20:30 – 21:30

HAIMLucy loves it !

It’s not hot fresh out the oven, but if this doesn’t cause mad rushes of nostalgia – nothing will. Haim was my empowering music of 2012 – seriously. Moving to Germany and being a total mess, I turned to Haim, I sky punched and somehow managed. If you aren’t getting wrapped up in this for the distant memories – you should because bass face.

WHEN & WHERE? Main Stage, 21:00 – 22:00

SBTRKT Everyone loves it !

Actually maybe all my picks are nostalgia driven. SBTRKT – wrap your glossy musical presence around me, immediately. For me – SBTRKT is the perfect amount of production. It gets me dancey, but doesn’t alienate with all the weird ticky ticky sounds – get me? Probably not, but the sun would have just gone down and vibes are going to get sexy – grab a mate, head to SBTRKT.

WHEN & WHERE? Main Stage, 22:30 – 23:30


FUTURE ISLANDSLucy loves it !

Future Islands was my first “groupie” experience – probably not the true groupie experience of loose living and hard drugs but you know, the kids version with whisky and late night drives in vans – perfect. It feels like ages ago that I was listening to Tin Man on repeat, but I am so pleased about the international revival of the band because – live performance. These aren’t to be missed – really.

WHEN & WHERE? Intro Tent, 20:30 – 21:30

LONE Bron loves it !

Reasons this one should be ganz lecker: A) The new Lone album, Reality Testing, is rad and has pretty broad appeal with it’s electronic meets hip hop vibe – ie. even the most divided of mates should be able to get around this. B) This one is a live AV show – both Lone and Konx-om-Pax (who does his visuals) will be performing live. Visuals, leute. Next level visuals! C) It’s the sunset set and (other than sunrise), nothing beats the sunset set on a balmy eve for conjuring up all of those uncontrollable festival feelings. Oder?

WHEN & WHERE: Big Wheel Stage, 21:30 – 22:30 

FOUR TETEveryone loves it !

Ah, Four Tet is just bloody unstoppable and this Samstag nacht at Ferropolis we should be in for one hell of a treat as he gifts us to a 90min dj set. We predict a delicious genre-hopping mischung of killer killer tracks, potentially a little like this yet likely with a couple of surprises thrown in. Whatever happens this should be excellent and dancey, and coupled with the totally schön Melt! Selektor stage which sits next to the festival’s giant lake, a potential festival highlight.

WHEN & WHERE? Desperados Melt! Selektor Stage, 00:15 – 01:45


MODERATEveryone loves it !

The second last set of the festival on the main stage, this one has ‘mass elation’ written all over it and we’re totally on board. Bringing their Moderat tour to the home festival crowd, Melt is going to lose it’s shit over this live set from their favourite Söhne – which should feature all sorts of deliciousness from last year’s epic, II, alongside a few classics from 2009’s self-titled (Rusty Nails + festival setting = dead). This is an ideal end-of-festival set – embrace the emosh.

WHEN & WHERE? Mainstage, 21:45 – 23:00

JUNGLELucy loves it !

You’re feeling tropical? The summer vibes have reached their peak on Sunday and you are like – WHAT HAPPENS NOW? Jungle does, really. They have a new video out, a new album out, a new everything – and you wanna be right there. Pity it’s on Sunday, because I have to be at work Monday AM. Not-fun-at-all. Maybe not such a pity if I had the Monday off – but you win some you lose some. GET AT JUNGLE.

WHEN & WHERE? Intro Tent, 22:00 – 23:00

SLEEPLESS FLOORBron loves it !

It’s been running since Friday night (and it’ll likely look like a few heads haven’t left), however if you’re yet to have a little sesh on the festival’s weirdest floor, be sure to stop by – it’s not a Melt experience without it. A classic finale, the Sleepless Floor is the last one running as the rest of the site winds up, with djs playing until late Monday morning. From Sunday afternoon onwards there are plenty of good reasons to withstand the searing heat and get loose on this beach meets big kids playground dancefloor, including Ostgut residents nd_baumecker & Virginia, as well as Portable (live) and the traditional Melt Sunday night/Monday AM set from Ellen Allien. Hanging around til stumps? See the festival out in style and get weird on the Sleepless Floor.

WHEN & WHERE? Sunday – Sleepless Floor, PM onwards