TICKET GIVEAWAY: Roosevelt and more! at Festsaal Kreuzberg


RooseveltIt’s happening, again. We have some tickets to giveaway – to giveaway good and proper. This Friday there are a handful of DJ’s playing Festsaal Kreuzberg for the party makers of at Factory Berlin – and we’ve managed to secure 2×2 to give to the prettiest and most interesting of you.. Just jokes.

So this night is kind of packed and to be honest I know like 2 of the acts. As we all know – I’m not strictly techno, but what I do know is Roosevelt – and homeboy is playing this evening. With total danceable tracks like Sea, Soleil and Around You (attached below) as leading examples – only can only imagine the good summer wibes that will be felt… Even if  summer may never come – and we are likely stuck in winter for the rest of our lives.. At the very least this will give us those sunshiney feelings.. Right?

SO! What do you have to do to win these tickets? Submit your answer to the following question by Friday 5 April 12P in the comments section below, it’s pretty easy… Considering the winter is never ending:

What’s your all time fav. track that makes you think

Mines Jamie XX – Far Nearer (because) give me a steel drum, ALL DAY.

OK-so, here are the details, hard and fast – because God knows we love it straight up, no chaser etc.

DATE: Friday 5 April
VENUE: Festsaal Kreuzberg
DOORS: 23:00

  • Roosevelt – Old mate, is not old. He’s about 12, but I love him all the same.
  • Elektro Guzzi – better than their name sounds – crafty techno with instruments.
  • Ewan Pearson – local but not really local (by way of London) Berlin disco. Das ist good, get me?
  • Kyson – total dream series, originally Down Under’ers.
  • Wermonster – Berlin disco staple.
  • Haze Ventura– Hamburgers, delicious Hamburgers.
  • Highterkite – good vibes – getting some., straight outta Hamburger.
  • Wasted Ruffians – “music I know remixed, in a dj set” disco – unheard of.

You probably want/ need more details than those bullet points. You will find them, in Deutsch over on the Facebook event page. I can’t read Deutsch so I’m a little bit useless in getting you much more than straight FACT, and my feelings – which I know you all love.

OK – that’s all. Enter the comp and I’ll see you Friday X …I think the PonyDancers are going too – femmes be machen the Party!


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