this is swag.. can I say that?


I’m kind of confused as to which words I can and cannot say. Being an Australian female.. I mean swag feels kind a ghetto to me – ghetto male. and that is cool. But I am not ghetto, and I am not male – so can I use this.. I mean I am not even American – it sort of feels like I may or may not be trying too hard.

It’s like calling things boss – firstly, I want to say it’s THE boss. Boss doesn’t sound right.. And secondly – is that not rap star slang for things that are cool. Or English geezer slang..? I mean I am neither of these – so is it trying too hard again? Or am I paving the way for young white females everywhere to talk like they have swagger (another one I would love to use – but can’t)

Anyway this song is sick (James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat)- and it made my day pretty happy yest. when I heard it. So thought I would post today – thanks Vagrant Records for up-your-dating your Soundcloud.

It made me tres happy and shit.


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  1. I am impressed that you have any consciousness in this regard at all. I am a writer living in a suburb of Los Angeles. I did grow up in the “hood” although I went to private school and had every thing I wanted. I wasn’t fully aware of what others in my neighborhood were experiencing.
    I appreciate that you know, you come from a different world that represents something other than what rappers are talking about. There was a time when rap( later called hip-hop) was only telling the truth… albeit gritty. Now, it is the truth warmed over for profit and exploitation.
    My opinion , if you like to say “boss
    …say boss. Swag as you might know means arrogance.
    That is a male necessity in the hood to survive…it makes anyone who is not surviving looks like an ass…even celebrities.
    Anyway, I thank you for your thoughts. Thank you for giving me a place for mine.
    peace and love.

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