This is “out of hand”


Thank you Sameblod’s twitter (which ever of the Swede’s it is that runs that thing) for posting this. And (to be perfectly honest) for writing shit like “urge you to check out @simianghost’s new remix. fucking outtahand.” That phrase “outtahand” has actually lit me up from the inside-out. You are out-of-hand for saying that – you clever Swede.

Had you not have used this clever phrase reserved for old ladies, I would not have listened to this track remixed by Simian Ghost. And I am like kind of glad that I did – because now it has been on repeat – coming into the 3rd listen.

Obvious next stages? Listen to Letting Up Despite Great Faults remixed by Simian Ghost, because it is ACE. Then go and like his Facebook page because that is quantifiable popularity.

and THEN fan Sameblod on Facebook, because they are ACE.


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