This is Fractures. This is your day had, Internet.


fracturesSO MUCH STUFF TODAY. This one comes in the form of a swift Facebook inbox – just a link, no info – boom. Fractures come to us out of Melbourne, Australia – my hometown….Can I be honest for a second? I fucking miss you Melbourne. The rest of the world is really cool – but fuck, I hear music like this and remember – you’re not half bad and I miss you.

So – meet Mark Zito, the creative force behind Fractures and his song Twisted. There is something just so shoulder shimmy inducing about all this; it makes me want to shimmy my shoulders all the way back home, find myself a nice Aussie “bloke”, buy an apartment, invest in furniture and make something of myself. Why do I feel like this – I have never felt like this.

Whatever’s happening here – it’s needs to stop.

But the music should go on.



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