This is for the girl who hates injections.


Monday. I could never figure out whether we actually hated Monday’s or whether it was because Garfield always used to say it and it seemed accurate..

Last night I was talking with a friend and he asked what was going to be good about my day tomorrow.. weird question, I think (no offense Texas), but then I thought about it– and there is actually nothing I was looking forward to. The only thing good about Monday is the fact it is one day closer to the weekend. And that is a pretty pathetic response.

Today started out really great (sarcasm – which you can’t read – because it’s a sound in the voice). The events of the day (it is only 10:55)

  1. Snoozed my alarm til 9a – which should be awesome, but makes me feel slothful, which then leads to..
  2. Couldn’t find anything to wear because I slept in, which made me feel like a sloth which then makes me feel fat
  3. Ended up picking a particularly boring outfit – which totally effects my mood
  4. Got a coffee (this was a high point – not joking)
  5. Boarded the train and realized I forgot my ear phones..
  6. Had to experience the train, the way in which it was intended.
  7. Got off the train – and couldn’t walk two metres without bumping into someone – Oracle World – eff you mate.
  8. Get off the bus – which went one stop too far, which meant – I had to walk past the window looking into the Safeway Pharmacy
  9. Witnessed a man getting an injection – I don’t do needles
  10. Was almost sick
  11. Got to work – and realized I had forgotten to order food for the week

My birthday is on Thursday – that is this week, which is what is good about today. And tomorrow, and the next day. Not to be a Debbie Downer – but Eff you Monday’s. No love at all.


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