This guys voice, and me need to go on a date – RIGHT NOW.


Serenade me – softly. Gah. I don’t even care if you do or don’t have feelings towards Canyons “When I See You Again” – THE VOICE. As we know – I am not one for accents (unless you are South African – your accent is pretty clever, not gonna lie) – but this mans voice, makes my knees slowly melt below me.

Modular modular modular – your Soundcloud delivers almost every single time. This is really pretty magical. If we were to go on a date (with Canyon’s voice, obvs) I would really like to go somewhere with candles, that feels appropriate. I will pretend to be coy, and just generally delicious – and I would appreciate if you could sing most of what you say.

Unless you sound this delicious when you talk – then just speak really, really slowly.


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