Things to love about Germany’s second best city, Hamburg.


I love Hamburg, I really do. It’s neat, it’s tidy, people speak German like it was meant to be a pretty language and it has stuff. It’s not an overflowing epicenter of activity like Berlin, but what it does have goes and in a slightly more sophisticated fashion. This week we are off to Reeperbahn Festival, and in the lead up to that I got excited about a few of my favourite things about Hamburg. Namely that they have such a nice festival in such a lovely city, but also a bunch of other things that support 4 day long weekend in the great city by the water.



Hamburg has surprisingly good coffee. I don’t know in 2015 one should be that surprised that a major city of an advanced country has good coffee, but in my limited German experience I think this is a big deal. It’s not that other major cities of Germany don’t have good coffee, it’s just something you have to really look for. And I come from the city voted best coffee city of the world (that’s me bragging) – so coffee is a rather important necessary.

PLACES TO HYDRATE (or dehydrate, I guess):

Playground Coffee – So delicious, so lovely, and they have very clever coffee bags designed by new/ interesting people all the time which is probably a nice gift/ souvenir if you are in the market for it.
Tørnqvist Coffee – I’ve only seen this in food truck form. So I’m not really clear on it’s regular’ness, but follow the Instagram, be in the know.
Stockholm Espresso Club – Really anything that screams Sweden will be cool/ delicious. This one is no exception.


Fast food probably isn’t the most glamorous thing to reference as a cool thing about Hamburg. But really, when you have access to delicious fast food life becomes a whole lot easier.


Slim Jims – Who doesn’t love pizza? It is the crowd pleaser of food groups. Slim Jims is pretty fucking delicious, with a sweet layout. In the 2-3 months of the year it’s not fucking miserable in Hamburg, they have a nice outside situation.
Otto’s Burger – Burgers. In. My. Face. If you eat one thing in HAMBURG, it should probably be a Hamburger. OR a fischbrötchen, but that doesn’t quiet have the same ring to it.
Jawa Indonesisches Restaurant – I haven’t been here. But I’ve had reports we are looking at some pretty low maintenance, quality Indonesian food…..with real Indonesians as customers.. Which is always a good sign.


If you can’t appreciate all that water in Hamburg you obviously haven’t spent that much time in Germany. Being a rather landlocked country seeing water, being near water, having access to water is a fucking blessing. And the Hamburgers know it. If you ever spend some time in Hamburg, with a Hamburger they will likely make you sit near a body of water and marvel at it’s wonder, around sunset – because Germans love a sunset.


Berlin has nothing on Hamburg with regards to punks. Not that we don’t have our fair share, but they are sort of water down versions. I feel like Hamburg’s punks are the most authentic, they are the roughest, grimiest and most unsavoury characters I have seen in ages. The whole thing nicely contradicts Hamburgs squeaky clean, slightly spießig vibe – which is a good thing, otherwise I think we’d feel a bit bored.


What is a post that Lucy writes without some mention of dudes? Not one I want to be apart of ! Somehow and someway Hamburg stocks any and all dudes I would like to call a part-time/ full-time boyfriend. I don’t know why the creatures of Hamburg are any better than Berlin guys, I don’t think they are…  My deduction of my momentary success would be the following:

  1. God bless Hamburg and their conservative ways – I stick out like a sore thumb and I think that might be working for me and them.
  2. I’m not sure the Australian scene in Hamburg has taken off in the same sort of fashion as Berlin. This nationality of mine is a hot commodity, unlike every second human in Neukölln.

Whatever the reasons may be, when they speak German like the delicious angels they are… I’m 100% in to it.

Hallöchen Hamburg, ya big babe !



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