Things to know about German security.


I’m probably a touch emo after 17 hours of travel and not a sleeping tablet in sight. But the security fiasco I just experienced through Frankfurt airport pretty much sums up how I feel about German efficiency, 75% of the time.

  1. Remove liquids from carry on to go through security scanner.
  2. Any missed liquids? Bag gets searched by airport personnel.
  3. All missed liquids must go into a plastic bag that you must purchase for 1€
  4. 1€’s worth of plastic bags actually gets you two plastic bags – your liquids must only fit in one, not two. ONE.
  5. “Had I remembered I had these extra liquids (all less than 100ml), would I have had to buy a plastic bag and go through the scanner again?”…. Answer? No.
  6. “So.. If I had remembered that I had deodorant and face moisturizer in my bag, and shown the first officer – I would have been able to have them stray in my bag, and not have to purchase 1€’s worth of plastic bags” Answer? Yes.
  7. “I’m sorry, but does this even make sense to you?” Answer? This is the EU. (This is not an answer.)

I love you Germany, but come the fuck on.



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