Things that piss me off.


I know we hate a nagging bitch, and I know that we have covered that chicks that rant are evidently ugly, my least favorite kind of person. But I needed a things that piss me off list – just so I get it out there – and off this little chest of mine.

  1. Getting my nails done and then fucking them up like 20 mins after the fact – I did this on Sunday with a knife – while cutting fruit, up side – I didnt chop my finger off. But I really did fuck up my newly painted nails.
  2. Being given work that needs to be done by EOD, at 5p – my boss needs to read this blog.
  3. Intelligent people who lack communication skills – this is a big one. I think it’s because I’m not necessarily a beater of bushes, so when smart people can’t express what they want, I get v. frustrated. Don’t want to hang out – say it, do want to hang out – say it, think I’m a bit cute – say it, wan’t me to shut up – say it. This is not a new genius notion – at all. So catch up, because intelligent person – I’m starting to think you are a fucking retard.
  4. Making plans – but then when talking over said plans – they seem to be a surprise. I don’t know why this happens but it seems to happen with everyone – you make a lunch date, call to confirm the lunch date, response “Oh, yeah – ok well let me just check with X what we were doing – I guess we could do that.” Didn’t we make plans.. I mean – wasn’t this marked off as ORGANIZED..?!
  5. Slow walkers on the footpath – that take up the whole footpath.. I feel like this is an obvious one – and doesn’t require much explanation.
  6. People who want something for nothing – and then are pretty specific with the something they want for nothing. Did your mothers never teach you the phrase beggars can’t be choosers..
  7. Those shoes – the toes shoes. They are hideous, and make me think “tinea” – don’t wear them, don’t buy them, just don’t
  8. Wearing jackets that are made of plastic – not leather – when they are supposed to be ‘leather’ – this is a fucked one, I know – please continue to judge me. But it really upsets me. A leather jacket is one of the greatest investments on the planet, at this age – when buying a house is somewhat out of the question.. for me at least. Get online – go to Nique, and get a jacket from there. If you are curious about your size,  I can probably help – because I’m an excellent guesser of these things – we can do this together. Let me, help you.
  9. ugly blogs. I mean I know mine is no major piece of artistic expression – but seriously at least it’s clean looking.. It’s not even difficult to make shit look nice, and tidy – please do that.. Because the reason I dont frequent your shit, frequently – is because it’s ugly, and gives me a headache. (ugly girl rant, right there.. sorry)
  10. I now feel dirty when I go to call my flip flops, my thongs. DAMN YOU AMERICA. I liked calling them thongs, and now I feel naughty when I do it, you made me feel naughty. Not loving it.

Let’s keep it to an even 10 – or else we might be here all day.


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