Things that piss me off: Cars


Do you know what really annoys me living in America – cars. Or maybe it is just roads altogether. Since riding a bike I get super annoyed at cars > as both a pedestrian and a bike rider. Here are a few of the reasons cars are shit.

1.  When I (the pedestrian) am crossing a street, in the middle of the street (not at a cross walk), and I stop on the lines in the middle > continue driving. Don’t stop to let me pass. I know what I am doing, it is your right of way; I am familiar with the rules of jay walking. So don’t confuse the situation by letting me go first. What will eventually happen is that I will be like “you go” and you will be like “you go” x how ever many times it takes for this to get awkward, and then we will both try and go, and you will either:

A. run me over
B. get really shitty at me, when in actual fact this is your fault, you should have just left it alone and driven on.. arsehole.

2.  When I (the bike rider) am coming to an intersection of stop signs, if I slow to an almost stop because you (the car) got there first – go. Don’t try and do me any favors, follow the rules of the road > and go, it is your turn. I have slowed so that you can go and as you are driving to go, I will get my momentum back up and then I will go > we all win, do you get what I am saying .. YOU NEED TO GO! When you stop to let me pass, the outcome will be one of following two:

A. it will look like I am giving way, when I am actually trying to get my speed back up, then some jerk will think we are BOTH giving him the right of way and THEN when my speed does in fact get back up, there will be an accident.. between me and that other motorist.
B. I will be so adamant on giving you the right of way, because you got there first, that I will have to stop. Which means putting my feet on the ground. This is annoying, please don’t make me do this.

3.  When you (the car) are coming to an intersection, indicate. I understand, it IS hard to flick the indicator on, energy levels are at an all time max when driving an automatic vehicle. But try it on, just once. You might find that I’ll start indicating more, and then there is a dialogue > between cars and bikes. Harmony, reached.

I do understand most of the time bikers and pedestrians are arseholes, I’ve seen it – I’m not blind. But simply, just run them over. If you have the right of way, you have the right of way.

And that – my friends, is all there is to it.


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