Things that make you mmmmmh? Arbeia.


arbeia1This last week – I have received some pretty solid tips on music. Which, to be honest, is kind of the best. It’s not because I don’t like stumbling across things, but recently I have become much busier than usual. And aimlessly searching the internet requires time, in which you are not busy.

Arbeia was sent through to my facebook page with no note – just BOOM-link. Which is frankly kind of delightful – there isn’t anything worse than someone sending you something, and telling you how that must make you feel.. This statement is sort of a joke… because I do this almost daily. Sorry – I’m sick, me being witty is falling short.

So – Umbrella was sent. It’s good, it’s delightful, it’s toe tapping. Hailing from somewhere in England – South Sheilds (is that even a place?) – there is very little info about old mates, and all the info available is somewhat disconnected. So, it was kind of like a scavenger hunt to get this far. Holiday entertainment, hazzarrr.

Get your ears around Arbeia, it’s soul warming stuff.



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