Things that make you go hmmmmmm: an ongoing series


Ok so we are talking HMMMMMM in a way that I like, like luscious objects I want for my possession/ ears/ life – hit play above, and then let’s get lust worthy.

  1. No. 6 Collection 5″ Blanket Boot on High Heel received these treasures in my Facebook inbox. Lust after, for realz. Capital I don’t have to spend on shoes $400, oh to be rich and famous.
  2. Suno pleated knit skirt – Another yummy number from Opening Ceremony. I wish I earned more cash/ didn’t need as many holidays as I currently go on. Le cry.
  3. 90’s hip hop – I don’t know what it is at the moment, but give me anything 90’s that was classic hip hop/ get down music, and I want to get down/ hip hop to it. It’s swooning for the ears – get on it.
  4. Number One Crystal sunglasses from Karen Walker – I am dying for these puppies. I have a fetish, it is for sunglasses. What can I say, I think I am lucky it’s not for feet?
  5. Layla Racy hooded poncho – Dying for this, why? I don’t know. But it is just so darn cute, and I would be so darn cute in it. MEGA CRUSH.
  6. Poule d’Or compilations – Not one in particular, just all. If you haven’t been up to date with them, head over at Poule d’Or, and get downloading. Poule d’Or 8 – should be out soon (I think?) – stay tuned etc.
  7. (IN)DECOROUS TASTE Haulster  This is what is up, over clothes, without clothes – I don’t particularly care, I just wanna feel dominatrix’y without the cheap leather feelings.. Too much??
  8. Opening Ceremony par Robert Clergerie saxo vinyl ankle bootie – OK, so maybe I do have a foot fetish, but by way of shoes. This are divine. I don’t even care what you say/ think. I want them on my feet immediately – like right this second.
  9. the Fancy – Sometimes it is just nice, to aimlessly look at things – posted by people who have mostly style/ taste. I have a Fancy, username Lucy.. find me?
  10. Markus Lupfer city leather coat – I would look as big as a house in this, but I would be ok with that. Oh – I am sorry animal lovers/ vegans/ vegetarians, I like leather. Judge away, but I like it.
  11. Anything Jake – because he is so funny/ cute/ Ohhhh Jake’ish

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