Things that Daisy Says…


Over the last 2 weeks I have been re-introduced to Australian English. And by way of my mate Daisy – I was able to get a greater appreciation for the lang. we call ‘Strayan. It’s a lot of “Mate” talk – in the one sentence.. LOTS. So many generalizations – like heaps (point – proven) And a ton of words that don’t really make sense – until you just give up on English as a first language – and hope for the best.

This is what I learnt:

IN A SENTENCE (or 2 because it requires more than one voice):
Person 1:  I could kill a choc-top right now
Daisy:        AS!
MEANING: It’s almost a form of agreeing. It’s like if one wanted to say that you wanted it just the way it was – with no topping – as is. Then shorten that – because we are obvs. time poor and it morphs to AS.

WORD: Suck face
IN A SENTENCE: I just wanna suck face.
MEANING: It means to passionately kiss someone – tongues etc. This is a fav past time. She’s into it – but aren’t we all?

WORD: Peace
MEANING: It means to agree (mostly). But also – if you are corrected; if someone says something that makes sense; or it can also mean a sort of good bye, peace be with you type salutation.

WORD: Heavy
IN A SENTENCE: Mate (covered next) – that’s HEAVY.
MEANING: When things get emotionally deep, when someone does something that is plain out of line, or at that point everything is sort of NOT OK – that is heavy. No more words required – HEAVY says it all.

WORD: Mate
IN A SENTENCE: Maaaaaate.
MEANING: Mate is used as a form of recognition – and it is normally best used when you say Maaaaaaate and really draw out the aaaate. The shorter that is – the less pleased she is with you.

WORD: Legit
IN A SENTENCE: Those shoes are legit.
MEANING: What ever you are putting down – Daisy is picking it up, and it is ticking all the right boxes. She approves, she is into it, and if you are a good looking guy with plumpish lips – she’ll probably have a crack.

Roger that. OUT.


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