Things I think on a regular occasion..

  1. Guys who now have long hair, are lucky they had awkward hair for so long and didn’t care, because now they are sort of cool – with very little effort. Many a long haired I see with major babes. No, it wouldn’t have ended that way without the intro of long hair being sick
  2. Skinny is in, for dudes. For sort of a while, during my youth – skinny was not hot. But now it is, and I’ll admit I’m the first to swoon at it. BUT don’t you think skinny guys should feel grateful? I mean – when you are skinny, it’s kind of hard to build up the muscles etc. So it’s like being a babe without even trying.
  3. Bogan is the new cool. I follow this blog ATM that uses words like heaps, or but (at the end of sentences), or references really sort of scummy Australiana. This was not cool 5 years ago. Long necks in paper bags WERE NOT COOL 5 years ago, now – I might like to go to a party that only served 40’s, wrapped in a paper bag. Note that.
  4. People try and use too many describing words to sound intelligent. Who are you kidding? Not this guy! Maybe it’s because I make people nervous (this is a theory, which is unfounded) but I find I often have conversations with people where they just throw in one too many words. I am guessing it’s to try and confuse me into thinking what they are saying actually means something/ they know what they are talking about. They don’t. Get to the point, and stop looking like a dick head.
  5. The general public should stop judging me for my want/ need of a part time boyfriend (PTB). I am not nuts, I feel like this is actually kind of a cool thing to want. I don’t have time for a full time boyfriend, and I kind of want one for mutual attention. So it only makes sense, right? (more on the PTB at a later date)

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