Things I realised today..


  1. I have moved to Berlin, I live here.
  2. Attacking life is better than watching Dawson’s Creek when shit is not going well.
  3. It’s summer in Europe – which means festivals are about to hit this fair city/ the surrounding areas.
  4. The reason it is hard to move to new places is because you leave all your perfectly good friends behind. – I miss you.
  5. When your hair is too knotty to brush – you probably need a trim.
  6. Getting the vacuum out of the cupboard seems to be a more difficult task than actually vacuuming.
  7. People aren’t lying about endorphins. They are legit, but it’s a real shame they kick in AFTER running – because I could use a teaser during the motions of exercise.
  8. The Cads are streaming their album on SoundCloud – it’s the tits (below).
  9. So are BraveStation (buy it over at the Bravestation bandcamp) – also a winner.

Happy Tuesday – it feels like it should definitely be Thursday by now.. FML


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