Things I am not sure how I ever lived without.. For real.


1. Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum // So I now have a routine. I have never much been into routines – because I get sort of obsessive over them – but I have a routine with my eyes. Every morning I apply this shit to my eyes, it is like CRACK. I have decided my eyes are my greatest asset – they are sort of quite blue and I have rather long eye lashes – so in an effort to maintain the glory that is my eyes – I use $80 eye serum  – I see it as a “my eyes are a temple” type worship, so manage to justify it – $78 AUD

2. iPhone // I couldn’t live without it. Google Maps – saves my life daily. This could possibly be interchangeable with a Black Berry – maybe. But I have never had a BlackBerry – so don’t really know that for a fact. I don’t understand how people can survive today a) without a phone (you know who you are) b) with a phone, but without internet on said phone c) with a phone with internet – but without Google maps – and that is all there is too it. Don’t even try and argue with me on this – it is life. Your phone is life – $39.95 a month (thanks work for allowing me on the family plan, therefore a totally cheap monthly balance. Oh and thanks Jon – for buying me my phone)

3. Lonni’s Punani // Best waxer in San Francisco – to be honest, I haven’t been to any others – but when you are voted the Best of the Bay, why would you chance it with anyone else. Lonni takes less than 15 mins, and to be frank – that shit is never comfortable – so speed is what we are after. Take 1000mg of ibuprofen – and it’s just like catching up with a GF monthly, who stares at your lady parts… – $50 + tip

4. Four Barrel Coffee // I have recently brand switched to Four Barrel coffee on Valencia – for only one good reason, I like the staff better. The coffee tastes sort of green, but I think that most good American coffee (espresso) tastes sort of green, so it is something I am dealing with. I used to go to a different coffee shop – which had great coffee, but I found their staff to be completely unaccountable. Meaning – if something fucked up, it was never their fault. The customer was always wrong, so in short – their attitude just stinks. Where as at Four Barrel – they are just a bunch of hipsters, making coffee. They aren’t rude – today, my server even remembered me.. Well, remembered what I drink – $3 +tip

5. CK modal lace knickers // these are possibly the most comfortable things I have ever worn – ranking up with the silk/ bamboo blend pyjama pants. They are the softest knickers imaginable – and they don’t cut in, so there are no fat bits rolling over. FABULOUS. Get some (girls, obvs. Unless you are into that – and then cool, get some..?) – 3 for $30 USD

6. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm // Again – Aesop. This hand cream I received for Christmas from a dear friend who had been in the UK prior to the US – and knowing that you cannot source Aesop in the US – she bought me this. IT IS DIVINE. my hands are soft – like ridic soft, and smell rich – like you know how some hand creams just stink – well that my friends is poor persons hand cream. When hands smell good/ non offensive/ delicious = rich people hand crème. Listen and learn – $23 AUD

7. Make Up Forever HD Foundation // When I first tried this foundation, I was sort of anti it – mainly because of its name. Make Up Forever (Professional) – it sounds like some sort of Revlon type brand trying to do it up. Like what Acura is to Honda – you know..? I don’t wear very much make up – just foundation, and mascara on the day to day. So when I buy make up I generally want it to be the best – because I don’t want to spend time making it look good, and I guess I just like nice things in general. This is the best – I have done NARS, MAC, Chanel – Make Up Forever, you ridiculous sounding brand – you win. Achievement – major – $40 USD

8. Yves Saint Larent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils // To be honest , I’m not sure you should really be that fussy about mascara – I mean this shit goes bad within three months. I have long lashes – so I don’t really need the crazy gravity defying brands. However, I have YSL Mascara, all the way from Duty Free Australia (thanks mum) – I mainly like it because it comes in a gold packet – so it looks super fancy. Which in effect makes me feel fancy when using it; and really – isn’t it about how it makes you feel..? – $30 USD


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