There is such a thing as TOO SKINNY – learn it


OK – So I know I ever so desperately want to get rid of my ciggie weight and be the bag of bones that I once was.. But – I think that models are taking it a touch too far.

When I say I once was a bag of bones – I really just mean I was 7-10kgs lighter than I am now.. not really a status of the boney kind – but who actually wants to be that boney..? I mean – who would want to look like they are ACTUALLY about to break.. Not I.

I just spied this pic of Bambi over at Fashion Falsehood – and even though she is doning clothes that aren’t that form fitting, you can tell she is completely emaciated.. NOT HOT.

I had friends growing up who suffered through eating disorders – and they looked much like our mate Bambi.. This shape/ form/ ideal of skinny is NOT OK. And for all of you who say this is fully natch (natural) etc. – that is quarge’mire and you should be ashamed of yourself. You can be naturally thin/ fine – but to this skinny is hard work – and completely unhealthy.

What I really want to do is clarify – is that when I say I want to be a bag of bones – I mean I am working on kicking the post quiting ciggies weight and getting back to being body beautiful, in the same tune of Miss Beyonce Knowles, Ri-Ri, or even Nelly Furtado.

I’m 5’6, with short legs and on the naturally thick side – let’s stay within our limits.


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