Theophilus.. I gave your last EP to my spin instructor..


Not sure he enjoyed it, so I dropped his class.. This is a true story.. I actually think the spin instructor thought I was trying to hit on him, when in actual fact – I just wanted proper jams for my exercise sessions, and not gay mans anthems, followed by gay mans athems. Not to say I don’t like a gay mans anthem once in a while (Kylie, Madonna, Gaga – the list goes on) – but frankly, I don’t want to hear it 2-3 times a week while exercising, and if I did – I would just hit the Castro with my gay man posse on a Friday. Simple

Anyway – fucking amped by new EP Lovers Holiday, due out towards the start of Feb (08.FEB.2011).. Wasn’t going to post about your business til then – but you know, I listened to Why Even Try and it got me all amped – so I’m posting that shit, NOW.. Something to do with cuts by Diplo, singing by Sara (from Tegan and Sara fame)  – interested in the logistics of it all?

Google it (thanks the Bang Pop for prompting)


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