Inbox love – ends in new music. We call that “Thursday WINNING”


Ok – so this arrived in my inbox the other day. And I am kind of loving it.. Normally the stuff that ends up in my inbox is slightly shady – I mean 75% of the stuff that I get sent doesn’t end up on the B.L.O.G.G. So unless I know you, I’m always really skeptical when hitting play..

But I am like pleasantly surprised with Theme Park. I don’t know who you are, and I am guessing you are fairly new as you only have 65 fans on the face. I am not really one to talk – I only have 145 (facey fans – quick go fan Lucy vs. the Globe on the face NOW!) and 75% of those are my mates.. Sad times, well what is even sadder – is the fact that I have almost 700 mates on the face – and only 85 have fanned the facey page.. Who’s cool? This guy.

Done a bit of reading – the band is made up of 2 brothers and 3 friends – does that mean there are 5 of you..? or just 3 – and you are all mates..? confusing. The team lives in London and have been making sweet sweet music since the start of THIS YEAR. Ohh snap. Can’t find any images for them – apart from their facebook image, which I don’t like – so we get DOUBLE Theme Park.

I think the order in which you should do this is – listen to the video above (A Mountain We Love) and THEN move onto the soundcloud sound bite below (Milk) and you should be sufficiently school on the band we lovingly call Theme Park by that stage. Once you have done ALLL of the aforementioned activities (of listening) do them a favor and fan Theme Park’s facebook page – tell them I said hi. And get on with your day. (P.S – Milk is a free download on Theme Park’s soundcloud, so get at it! Free music and shit)

I think I may have said this before – but… would be rude not to.


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