The trials and tribulations of cleaning ones room.


I am on a semi detox. I mean it’s not really a detox – it just seems that everyone else is not drinking at the moment – and I figure now is as good a time as any to test whether I can actually go a month without a sip of booze. Now – mainly, I’m terrified I have early onset alcoholism, so think this is a necessary step in my life.

So this Saturday evening I decided to clean my room – not a good idea. I mean a great idea, because my sheets need to be changed, I just picked up my laundry from the wash and fold, I have magazines all over the place – it needs to be cleaned. I also have this fear of having surprise sexy visitors, I mean not that that ever happens, but just in case it does – the room needs to be cleaned.

However, cleaning my room, when not allowing myself anything to drink is a bad idea because it is so fricken boring – it DRIVES me to drink. And when clearing out mags from underneath my bed – I am finding little itty bitty bottles of tequila.

Way to be supportive life.


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