The problem with boys..


Is that they can’t do shit. I’m sorry – but I work in an office with 87% men. And things that they can’t do:

  • clean up after themselves
  • offer to ever make any one else food apart from themselves
  • pack a dishwasher
  • refill the kettle

The list goes on. Now I just don’t fucking get it – how hard is it.. I don’t know why this is seemingly my job because I wear a skirt to work, or why the boys cant do it in the first place. I would have thought this would be more difficult for me – as I grew up with people that did this for me for the better half of my young life. But no – I am legend in comparison.

I will never understand it – and will likely never:

  1. move in with a full time boyfriend
  2. get married
  3. procreate with a man I am somewhat serious with

Unless he is house broken. Do I look like your mother, nanny or other..? I mean fuckfuckfuckfuck

Rant of the day – over.


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