The other Olsen = my personal girl crush this Friday


Ugh – the other Olsen sister.. IS A BABE. Elizabeth Olsen – soon to be star of the Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene = babe.

I have sort of been on this for a while – the whole other Olsen swoon. But frankly there just are not enough pictures of her. However this week – after seeing the trailer for her new movie, I knew the babe status must be reached. Regardless of what content I could find.

So Elizabeth Olsen – don’t stop/ won’t stop being fabulous. You may not have a video series, a doll, a makeup line, handbag line, clothing line, or any other line that is relevant in 2011 – but you are fabulous/ seriously pretty.

And frankly – for babe status, that is all that matters.


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