The joys of having no family for Christmas, are not endless.


This is a public apology to anyone and everyone that I saw, called,  texted, emailed – in general made contact with on Christmas.

When you don’t have a family on Christmas day – there is no reason to hold back. So – everyone just ends up drunk. And not just drunk, drunk to the point where you have to look to your phone to remember what time you got home, or to confirm that you didnt sext anyone inappropriately (sexting – not actually sex texting for me, just regular texting – at inappropriate hours).

I started drinking at 12p yesterday – and didnt stop until around 10:30 – when I put myself in a cab home – as I had to catch the 7a bus to Boston. Now – I am not on the 7a bus currently, I believe I am still drunk sitting in my mates apartment in Williamsburg, trying to piece it all back together – and have just discovered nonsense that I wrote on a friends wall on facebook – all of which was a surprise to me.

Get me a bagel – and something to hide in.


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