The great thing about spanning two timezones: Birthdays


So it’s my birthday.. TOMORROW. But because I am from Australia, and seem to have 75% of my mates there – I get birthday love, starting 12 hours early. It’s fucking gold. I’m not really one for birthdays, they always seem to be a mess – or I end up organising it all for myself, and then that becomes a mess.

To be clear, it’s not because I’m a terrible organiser, it’s just when it’s your birthday you don’t want to be bossy – because you are supposed to be having fun. But to have fun, we need to all be on the same page, and that means being bossy. So then I end up seeming highly strung, when I’m not really (I kind of am), it’s just that I would prefer to not do things at 50% when 100% could be reached.

This doesn’t make any sense.. Hmm. It’s my birthday on the 23rd – it goes for 36hrs.

Let the games begin.


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