So here is our first ACTUAL person to participate in our Disposable Camera project – and WHAT A PERSON TO KICK OFF WITH! Meet Karen Marie Ørsted AKA . If you follow this blog, even just a little bit – you will know a few things about old mate:

  1. Karen is from Denmark
  2. She makes the best music videos – that make you feel awkward, yet effortless confident at the very same time.
  3. She is very good at wearing tennis skirts.
  4. She recently worked with Diplo, which I have total mixed feelings about – as I generally rule out potential part time boyfriends if they list Diplo as music they get down to. But I’m managing.
  5. MØ is approximately 24 years old. This is unreasonable for those in their late 20’s who feel like they do nothing (hallo, this guy)
  6. She is in the top 5 of my current girl crushes – among Lizzy from MS MR and Beyonce from.. Beyonce.

When MØ isn’t taking over Europe/ the world one awkwardly confident choreographed pop song at a time I like to think she is drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows, prank calling people like Diplo and learning all the dance moves to We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus because homegirl is dominating 2013 in a really fucked up way, and we should all be more on board with that.

To give you a bit of a back-story – in the Spring of 2012, I set off on a trip with someone I didn’t really know – for a 2′ish month long road trip. Traveling the girth of America we had 35 disposable cameras on hand. When we finished up? We had 11 left over. I have given these camera’s out to people I like/ love/ adore – for them to use/ send back and for me to develop/ put on the blog.

These are a handful of MØ’s photos. The destinations range from Denmark to Amsterdam to coffee shops along a touring road. It was winter – it was fucking gloomy – but at the very same time they’re a little bit of magic.



MØMØMØ - "Lonely'ness is Yours to Take"

“Loneliness is yours to take”

MØ - The Disposable Camera ProjectMØ



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