It’s baaaaack! And this time the we took The Disposable Camera Project to the Adriatic thanks to Dimensions Festival, which ran earlier last month near Pula on Croatia’s northern coastline. With one of the strongest underground  electronic music line-ups of the year and a killer coastal site, I (Bron) entered this five day affair with high expectations – and a couple of disposable cameras. The result? Some wonderfully exceeded expectations and grainy snapshots that suggest I not only traveled south but 20 years back in time.

Given the non-stop plethora of feel good it’s a little tricky to summarise, however a few key things to know about Dimensions 2013:

1. Dimensions is in Croatia on the coastline, kinda near Italy. It has the tendency to be very sunny. Shit’s reasonably cheap. We’re already ahead of the average field festival with this point alone.

2. A Fort makes for a great party Most of the festivals action is spent in an old, semi-crumbling fort – THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN AUSTRALIA. The Moat (an actual, well, moat with 5m walls yo!) in all it’s ravey glory was a particular highlight.

3. Boat Parties & Sunsets the Club Mate & vodka of the Istrian Peninsula, these two are a match made in heaven. Roman Flügel rocking the boat as the sun set over the Adriatic Sea? Stop it! Notable shout out to boat parties as a whole really – you can’t fight the nautical vibe.

4. Bonobo and Mount Kimbie played in a 2000 year old ampitheatre really honing in on that spine tingling factor in this former Gladiator’s playground. I may have welled up – just a little.

5. 3 Chairs, 8 hours – Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite, Marcellus Pittman, house, disco, lashings of techno, a 1 hour downpour and for many of us the last summer dance for 2013.  A special genre-hopping marathon and ideal boogie.

6. The crowd was predominantly happy, sexy and there for the love of great house and techno – these are people who really like their electronic music, sans fist pump. Kudos to Dimensions & clever curation.

Need to read more? Head over to our original recap over here. More questionable writing, fewer pics (chose your own adventure).

To give you a bit of a back-story – in the Spring of 2012, Lucy set off on a 2’ish month long road trip with a person she didn’t really know. Traveling the girth of America they had 35 disposable cameras on hand. When they finished up? They had 11 left over. Lucy has given these cameras out to people she likes/ loves/ adores – for them to use/ send back and for her to develop/ put on the blog.

Below are a selection of photos taken at Dimensions. The locations range from the main festival site at Fort Punta Christo to the Adriatic Sea and a couple of resorts in Pula. The end of summer days were hot and sunny, the water was dreamy and the sunsets devastatingly good looking.

Get some.


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