The concept of a Video Synthesizer is so effing hipster – it makes me want to shake babies


So the Neon Indian camp has gone above and beyond being total fucking hipsters, with the synthesizers, messy hair and chill-wave music, which feels like they just didnt really try and just accidently made something sort of beautiful (whereby it probably took muchos de effort – but we can’t knwo that, that’s not the style of a true hipster)

Anyway – new video above – it uses this new technique which is called Video Synthesization – which according to Pitchfork means: “the clip uses a new device called the LZX Visionary, ‘an analog video synthesizer that manipulates images in the same way an audio synthesizer does for sound.’ ” – I think they are quoting Lars Larsen – the Director of the above video.

Watch that shit. and shake all that hipster out of you.


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