The BIG Bite Club BBQ is coming, this weekend.


This week is a celebration for all that is independent and American, and with that comes a very special Bite Club. Advertised as the smoky pop-up Bite Club it’s situated directly on the river in the historic former headquarters of GDR radio, Funkhaus Berlin. SI-CK.

You’ll be taste testing all the American BBQ classics with other grill traditions from across the globe in celebration of our dear Yankie Doodles 4th of July fanfare. Which is cool as fuck because I have missed BBQ to be honest. The last time I ate ribs was probably Austin, TX in 2012.. AND THAT’S AGEEEEES AGO.

Hot tip of the day: Everything kicks off at midday and to get you there in style, those clever dicks are providing a boat shuttle service for everyone up the Spree, ALL DAY ! Takes off from Treptower Hafen.

How schön is that !


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