THE BABES ARE BACK: Marion Cotillard


UGH, hello Marion Collitard. And that should literally sum it up. French femme is so God damn babe’n I am almost green with jealousy. I have seen her in two movies recently and each time I came away thinking a few things:

  1. Femme is hot without being intimidatingly so
  2. Best accent/ lilt ever – French, but not too French.
  3. Could we be friends?

These are EXACTLY the things you want me to think when you breach the babe territory. I really don’t know much about her – and am ultimately that time poor that I can’t go and do my research. But let’s just agree that you are interesting, funny, socially aware, and obviously very pretty.

With all that appreciated, welcome to club Marion –  why’d it take you so long?


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