The Addiction Continues – and I don’t know what to do anymore, but lay down and take it..?


So – I posted a while ago about all these concerts I am going to.. and how I wanted to stop. Well – I can’t stop, wont stop. I just keep buying – and it is seriously financially draining. I mean yesterday I bought 3 tickets to Ra Ra Riot – then I have a friend (April Smith and the Great Picture Show) in town this Sunday performing at Hotel Utah, so going to that. On Saturday I have tickets to Tunng. Then on Monday – I had forgot I bought tickets to see the Midnight Juggernauts. Also – the housemate as bought me a ticket to Girl Talk (in MARCH?!)
Now that’s not really that many – but if you think about it, that is sort of a lot of gigs. I mean I have 3 this week,and the others are over the next 3 months. But I’m sure if I got online and searched some venues – I would find more things to see. But I am refraining because frankly my bank account can not face the abuse.

I’m sort of thinking about getting a bit cheeky – and emailing a few promo people. I think I know the lingo (of how to get free shit) and I might just flashy pants my blog and be like – WORD. and they will be like – Lucy, YES. YES YES YES YES (like on when Harry met Sally at Katz) and Bob is your uncle – I’m free giggin’ it.

So please – start commenting on my fucking blog – so I don’t look such a loser. YES – I’m talking to you. comment – all the time – day time – night time – any time is the right time.



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