THAI & TECHNO – that Summer Edition


SUMMER HAS ARRIVED ! And with that returns our beloved Thai & Techno, taking up residency at FluxBau TONIGHT ! Enabling Berliners to set themselves free from the working week and welcome the weekend with hawker-style Thai food, techno beats and a cocktail (or 7).

Most exciting part? This time round FluxBau’s outdoor area is open for business which means:

  1. More summer vibes than you can probably handle.
  2. An extra 150 guests can snuggle on in.

Food and booze wise, we’re stoked. Let’s list these things out, because it’s a busy week and how much textual-excitement does one actually need at 9AM:

  1. Holy Basil Beef Stir-fry.
  2. Thai-style BBQ Pork Rolls.
  3. Pad Thai Rolls.
  4. Thai BBQ, grilling fresh squid and pork satay.
  5. Cold Thai-inspired refreshments – TBA tonight !

The night comes to us by those clever dicks over at Opal Collective, cocktails from Holz-Kohlen, and techno from resident + guests. Entry is a next to nothing at 3€ before 11pm and 5€ after. This has after-work awesome written all over it.

Ja, bitte.



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