THAI & TECHNO: Rad Thai, the cocktail


Thai & Techno happens this Friday, and we are fucking stoked. Do you know about Thai & Techno? If no: where last year in December? If yes: let’s just talk about it some more, because it’s almost cocktail hour and I’m gagging for a drink.

The general idea here is we will have “hypnotic techno and modern Thai flavours” at the very same time. What’s all this boil down to? I will tell you. Friday 27th March you will find the the Thai & Techno DJ troupe playing all the moody Berlin’esque good stuff at FluxBau, setting the appropriate mood with softer hypnotic sounds and working their way up to louder dance floor orientated techno.

While all that music goodness is happening, the kitchen will be serving hawker­-style Thai cuisine with an Australian twist. And at the bar you will find a range of delightful cocktails from REDWOOD Bar‘s very own Shawn Beck.

By this stage we are all like: What does that mean for me? For one: delicious. But for the twos: ­ pad thai rolls and stir fried sukiyaki noodles. Plus a number of new dishes set to debute and kick start the tastebuds. The fair ranges from 2€- 6€, so really there is something in there for all the budgets and will be open for snacking from 18:00 until it runs out.. I guess !

DATE: Fri. 27 March
TIME: 18
PLACE: FluxBau – Pfuelstraße5 10997
PRIC€: 2€ before 11PM, 6€ there after


Because we are so damn excited, we asked the group if we could have a bit of a Thai & Techno recipe recommendation to get us in the spirit for all the flavours this Friday. You will spy this one below, and I’m pretty sure you will find both nuggets on the drinks & music menu this Friday.

SHit-yeah, FRIDAY ! (Hurry-UP

RAD THAI – the cocktail

Concocted By Shawn Beck (Redwood)


4 cl vodka
2 cl lime
3 – 4 cilantro leaves
1 barspoon shredded carrot
1 piece sliced chilli


  1. Add vodka and all freshingredients to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake vigorously toensure all flavours are well incorporated.
  3. Strain on ice and top with ginger beer.
  4. Garnish with slices of carrot, ginger and coriander.


Get a taste for what’s to come – peak a track from Kim Bergstrand from the Thai & Techno team.


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