THAI & TECHNO – what you need to know.


December is a bloody busy time. We aren’t even finished with November, and I already have an event every week, at least 4 times a week – busy. One of the ones that is tickling my fancy the most and getting me so-bloody-excited for the silly season is that which is offering us “hypnotic techno and modern Thai flavours” at the very same time AKA Thai & Techno.

The general idea here is we have the Karl Weathers DJ team play all the moody Berlin’esque good stuff and setting the mood, while the kitchen serves up a selection of modern Thai snacks to indulge the senses… paired with a range of delightful cocktails from BonBon‘s lead mixologist Maria Neumann – !!!!

What does that all mean? For one: delicious. But for the twos: aromatic curries to pandan chicken parcels, a vegan noodle stir fry and twists on old favourites such as Pad Thai and pork buns. The fair ranges from 2€- 6€, so really there is something in there for all the budgets and will be open for snacking between 19 – 22hr (that’s 7PM – 10PM for all you non-Europeans out there).

DATE: Fri. Dec, 5
TIME: 19 – 24 (22-24 is strictly booze/ techno appreciation hour)
PLACE: Colonia Nova – Thiemannstr 1, 12059 Neukölln
€NRTY: Free – although they do ask for a small 2€ fee for the DJs, natürlich.


Start casually eating more for most meals (…in an effort to stretch your stomach and make space) and plug all the details in your calendar (…or just hit attend on the Facebook event).

Everyone’s going to be there.


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