TGIF friends, family, and resentful co-workers


Dude – listen to this song, and just enjoy FRIDAYYYYY. yayayayyayayya – the best thing about a working week, is realizing it is in fact Friday, and lovelies – you totally made it, without:

  1. getting fired
  2. being accused of sexual harassment
  3. arriving to work so hung over, that you probably should have called in sick
  4. doing too much work, thus making you look like an over-achiever- in turn, this sort of behaviour is expected week in week out. And no one can maintain that.. Remember – if you are to promise anything – UNDER PROMISE, thus – over delivering. Not the other way round (life lesson right there.)

HAPPY FRIDAY and go on with your bad self.

*If you did get fired, accused of sexual harassment, made it to work so hung over you should have called in a sick day OR did far too much work, that it has set the bar a bit high. I’m sorry for you – and this post is probably a bit insensitive..


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