Marfa is said to be one of those hippie arty towns where people do things out of passion and everything has a really nice feeling of purpose. I would say it’s much like Byron Bay (Australia) but not on the beach, and probably not as commercial as it’s sort of a nightmare to get to (7 hours or so from any major airport)


El Cosmico – Owned by this really bitchen hotelier type in the Texas area El Cosmico is an Airstream/ caravan hotel for travelers. It’s so fucking kitsch I could just about die….I really wish we had stayed here. Not long after we bypassed Marfa Beyonce and her sister made a trip to the great city and caused a ruckus all up, in and around this site.



Dallas is kind of like Europe, if Europe had an American accent. It’s outer edges are much like the rest of Texas with enormous roads and chain malls etc. But when you make it into Downtown Dallas, it has almost quant cobble stone streets, and semi charming buildings.


The Belvedere – This is sort of a budget hipster hotel. IT’s like they were trying for the Ace Hotel, but ran out of money when furnishing. This is not to say it doesn’t have character – but it is lacking a bit of the charm of some of the leaders in the cowboy/ cool 1970’s vibing hotels out there.

Much like the rest of the US – there drinks are strong, and on a plus side – there bar is a hot spot of Dallas – so at least you can get tiddley and stumble on home.


JFK Memorial Museum – This is kind of major. I don’t know, maybe as child of the 80’s AND Australia perhaps this blew my mind a bit more than it should. But I was genuinely intrigued by the whole JFK shooting/ death in Dallas. Not to be massively insensitive – but I had no idea really what happened/ how it all went down – so this was a truly INTERESTING tour for me. If you are aware of your history – and know what went down with JFK – you might not be as impressed.

JFK Memorial – OK – so it’s honestly not much to photograph, but conceptually this monument is kind of cool. So I would suggest running by it – reading the plaques, taking a step inside and moving on.


This place is a trip. And mostly just for the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. The guy who runs it is nuts. Conspiracy theories galore, and loves his country – and probably Jesus.

Tyler is seriously pretty, the Bed and Breakfast was culturally a hoot – I would definitely recommend stopping here to experience East Texas in all its glory.


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