TEACHERS – where HAVE you been all my life.. WHERE!?


Thank you Facebook for offering up this gem for consumption. A mate of mine posted Teachers to the face.. And thank God she did – I know I claim that most of these posts make my day – in actual fact – TEACHERS has MADE my day.

Hailing from New York – it reaffirms today’s inkling that I should move East.. All the coolest things come out of New York. I feel like I need to be there – getting it done.

Anyway – I don’t know if there hasn’t been much traction on these kids, which leads me never hearing of them – or if perhaps it is that I am stuck under a rock, and it is just coming to light now..

Either way can’t find much info on them, so feel a bit on the mark right about now..

Thank you again and always Facebook friends, for being so god damn brilliant with your social media ways/ superior music taste X

P.S – completely stuck in a Teacher’s Soundcloud hole > get over there and just hit play.. FARRRRRK maaate.


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